American Pastor Kidnapped

A US citizen is missing in Ukraine after being abducted by Russian soldiers. Dmitry Bodyu, a US citizen, is the Senior Pastor of the "Word of Life" church in Melitopol, Ukraine (Sedovtseva St., 6). He was in Melitopol at the time Russian soldiers occupied the city and was not able to leave. So he stayed with his church, feeding the hungry and helping people. Russian soldiers and FSB agents came to his house, arrested him, and took all of the electronics from his family. Then they went to church with him and confiscated all the computers. After, they took Dmitry away in an unknown direction. Nobody knows where Dmitry is now. Please, share this information with those who can help - your congressmen and your senators. Russia has abducted a US citizen.

I shared the above information to ask you to take specific time today and pray for Pastor Dimitri, and for all of Ukraine. There are so many in need.

Our first team of TenMen have hit the ground in Romania and will soon be in Odessa, Ukraine.  Keep them covered in prayer every step of the way!