A few years ago, my wife Kim and I were given Isaiah 54:2-3 as a prophetic scripture for the next season of our lives. I became excited and began to pray this scripture over our family. As most prophetic words go, the more we pray into them, the more we understand.

Isaish 54:2-3 
Enlarge the place of thy tent, And let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: Spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; And thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, And make the desolate cities to be inhabited.

In the beginning, I thought it applied to us personally, or our business, however the more I prayed over it asking the Holy Spirit what it meant, much more was revealed. We began declaring it over our local church in Delta, Colorado every week, and at our Monday noon corporate prayer meetings. Verse 3 was percolating on the inside of me! I knew I didn't understand it fully. My descendants would inherit the nations. I continued to ask the Holy Spirit for more light. How would our descendants inherit the nations? Our own children would go out as missionaries? As I continually meditated, one day the light bulb came on! As a church we will send our spiritual children all over the world, they will preach Jesus to the nations and make these desolate cities inhabitable. Blessing follows those who believe. We bring the light of the Gospel to the nations. I shared this with our prayer group, and we were excited. Who would go? How would this work? Who are we raising up?

In a previous post, I shared about ministering at The Holy Spirit Conference in Turkey. In August 2022, after our TenMen team had returned to America, I flew to Turkey to attend a Holy Spirit Conference in the Cappadocia Region. Here I met a beautiful young family JP (John Paul) and Larrissa and their 2 girls, Willow (age 3) and Anna (age 2). I felt drawn to them and sat with them several times during our meal times. Before I left for home, I invited them to come see us in Colorado and minister at CWI-Delta. They reached out to me soon after and we scheduled a week that fit our schedule and theirs.

We so enjoyed our time together and connected as families immediately. We took them to the town of Ouray (called the Switzerland of America) and enjoyed beautiful Colorado and our fellowship together. The Holy Spirit was connecting us deeper. As our time was coming to a close, the Holy Spirit instructed me to ask JP if they would consider making CWI-Delta their home church. I immediately recoiled at the thought, as I wanted nothing to do with any form of manipulation or trying to make something happen in the natural. In my mind, it was a foolish thing to ask as they probably had many, much more qualified pastors in their lives.

I couldn't shake it and realized this was the Holy Spirit bringing this up to me to ask. I finally blurted out something about how we really appreciate them and would they consider making this their home church, and Kim and I as their pastors? JP graciously thanked me and informed me he normally would have never considered this, but seeing how I asked in a certain way it grabbed his attention, and they would pray and let us know. (The Holy Spirit will prepare the way!)

They left Colorado and continued prepping for their return to Egypt, visiting various churches, and sharing what God was and is doing in Egypt. They returned to Egypt in January of 2023. Several months went by and we stayed in contact via Zoom or Facebook.

One day I received a call from JP. "Hey, we've been praying about what you asked when we were in Colorado. We believe this is the Lord and we would love to make CWI-Delta our home church and accept you and Kim as our Pastors." We have adopted this young couple as our own! The anointing of evangelism and taking the gospel to the nations is all over them. Our Isaiah 54 prayer is happening. We harvested where I'm not quite sure how we planted. Believing a prophetic scripture from several years ago and believing it was for us today. We are so honored that our loving Father would connect us with a dynamic, on-fire couple who are passionate about taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth!