Since 1993 we have been traveling into the former Soviet Union. We have been privileged to watch many new churches grow from tens and twenties to multiplied thousands. There is a spontaneous move of new churches and bible schools sweeping across Russia.

These young pastors need help in laying the new foundations that are changing their society, and we have been meeting this need with literature, leadership development, and ministry training.

Please take a moment and acquaint yourself with our ministry and its many outreaches. We seek partners who have an eye to see the priority of what is happening on the global level.

The vision God has given you to extend the Gospel can be fulfilled in the harvest field of missions. We invite you to partner with us and join in this wonderful move of God!

The first time I put my foot on Russian soil, when I stepped off the plane, God granted me a vision. I saw a map of the former Soviet Union displayed on a wall. Blood covered the nation and ran down the map. As waves of red crossed the border into China and into the Muslim world the blood turned into fire.

Instantly, I understood what the Lord had revealed. He had broken communism, covered the nation in the blood of Jesus, and brought revival to the land for a purpose – He was going to use the Russian people to reach into China and the Muslim world with the word of God. What they would freely receive, God would require back. The blood turned to fire was the next generation of missionaries taking the Gospel to the nations.

Since that time I have traveled constantly into the former Soviet Union, teaching in Bible schools, raising up churches, and equipping leaders. There is a spontaneous wave of new churches sweeping the land. I have been privileged to work with men of God from the beginnings of their church to multiplied thousands. In Kiev, Ukraine, one dear friend has raised up a work more than 20,000 strong. In Yerevan, Armenia, another has established a strong church of over 7,000 believers with more than 60 daughter churches. I’ve seen young men, only three years old in the Lord, pastoring churches of 500. I regularly speak in sixteen Bible schools which together place over a thousand students into the ministry each year.

It’s a time of revival. I’ve seen the Lord double congregations in a matter of days. Miracles give powerful witness to the authority of God’s Word. Blind, deaf, and mute have all been healed. Cripples walk. Tumors disappear. The people carry the sick into meetings on sheets, laying them on the floor to see them rise, dancing. Three times the Lord has opened my eyes into the spirit to see Jesus walking through the crowds laying His hands upon the people. I’ve watched them jump up instantly healed, shouting, dancing, weeping.

Altar call after altar call has been filled with young and old receiving Jesus as the Lord of their life!

I only wish you could see their faces.