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Armada Network

Home of the TenMen Project


I learned early in my life and ministry how important partnership is in the plan of God. In fact, He designed everything in the Kingdom to operate inter-dependent. We need one another. Paul’s analogy of the foot and the hand; the eye and the ear is perhaps the best illustration of this spiritual law. There is great diversity without

How to Join Armada

Armada is comprised of Members and Partners. What is an Armada partner? 1. An Armada partner is any Christian who recognizes the call of God on Armada and support Armada’s members and ministry through prayer and financial support. 2. Partnership is open and encouraged for all Christians of all nations. 3. A partner provides faithful financial support and empowers

Welcome to the Family

The Armada Handbook answers commonly asked questions. It serves as a guide and the standing rules for the ministry of Armada, her members, and partners. It is reproduced here, and in the articles that follow, where we endeavor to “ write the vision, making it plain so he may run who reads it…” (Habakkuk 2:2). By its classical definition, an

Statement of Faith

In any gathering of believers, it is important that we can walk together in agreement.  Unity is a prerequisite for God’s will to be fulfilled in any Church.  It provides a wonderful climate for spiritual growth and ministry. In presenting a statement of our faith, we believe that it will help establish truth in the believer’s life. It

The Measure of our Ministry

This article is included here because we believe it gives the best perspective possible on how we view New Testament ministry in the Church today. It is helpful to define what we mean when we say that the Armada Network is an Apostolic ministry. THERE is a manner in which God resides in the heart of every believer, and another

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