Armada is comprised of Members and Partners.  

What is an Armada partner?  

  1. An Armada partner is any Christian who recognizes the call of God on Armada and support Armada’s members and ministry through prayer and financial support.  
  2. Partnership is open and encouraged for all Christians of all nations.
  3. A partner provides faithful financial support and empowers everything Armada does.
  4. A partner’s prayers open doors and grant divine favor as we fulfill the ministry together.
  5. Armada members recognize our partners as the backbone and driving force behind Armada.
  6. Armada members stand committed to fellowship with and meet the spiritual needs of our partners.

What is an Armada member?

  1. An Armada member is a servant-leader dedicated to the vision, ministry, members and partners of Armada.
  2. An Armada member may be a person, ministry, Church or business.

There are only two ways to become an Armada member.

  1. By Invitation.
    a. Two existing members agree upon the call, character and qualifications of a candidate and extend an invitation to join the Armada Network.
    b. From this time foreword they are considered to be his/her sponsor.
    c. The candidate fills out an application and submits it to the Armada Director.
    d. Both sponsor's of the candidate submit a recommendation form to the Director.
    e. Upon approval or rejection by the Director, the candidate and sponsors are informed of the decision.
    f. Upon approval, the candidate is immediately received as an Armada member with all rights and privileges of membership, and is publicly recognized and presented at the following Armada Landmark.
    g. The sponsors remain the primary contact with the new member in the life and ministry of the Armada Network.
  2. A graduate of the Armada Commission.
    a. Upon completion and graduation from the Armada Commission, the student is received as an Armada Member with all rights and privileges of membership.
    b. The Armada, each and all current members, stand behind the student with the intent to aid, assist and help the student enter full time ministry.
    c. Members are authorized and encouraged to display the official Armada logo with the words "An Armada Member" in the footer or header of all correspondence.

Requirements for membership

  1. It is required that all Armada members attend at least one Armada meeting annually, or have one personal interview with the Director.
  2. It is expected that faithful and consistent relationship and support is extended among the membership.


  1. The Annual Landmark.
    a. The Landmark event is held every year during the third week of June.
    b. It is the primary gathering of the Armada, and each Armada member is expected to attend.
    c. The annual meeting of the Presbytery is held at the Landmark.
    d. New ordinations are confirmed at the Landmark.
    e. The graduation of the Armada Commission is held at the conclusion of the Landmark.
    f. Graduates of the Leadership Training School are recognized at the conclusion of the Landmark.
  2. Seminars and special retreats.
    a. Periodically Armada will host special seminars and retreats in various regions of the USA, and abroad.