Jay Stoltzfus for the TenMen Project

You’ve heard of minutemen?

We are looking for 10 men.

We are sending teams of 10 men with $10,000 in their pockets to Ukraine where we purchase $100,000 in humanitarian aid, food and medicine, and see that it gets into the hands of Ukrainian pastors.

Pastors working side by side are distributing aid through the local churches to counter the devastation of war.

Now it’s our turn to step up. They are exhausted, running out of supply, and need immediate assistance.

We need 10 men with strong backs who want to make a difference!

It’s 10-10-10.  We are looking for 10 men with 10 thousand dollars to share 10 days of their life working hard, serving hard, and saving lives.

Are you one of the 10?  

Email us at tenmen@armadanetwork.org for more information.