The small village of Afanasievka is located in the Eastern part of the Mykolaiv region, on the right bank of the Dnipro river. The village has suffered from constant shelling and bombardment causing many of the residents to flee. Sadly, many elderly people are forced to remain in the village, and no one can cares for them. After the Kahovka dam was destroyed, the people began suffering water shortages and pollution. The situation worsened when mid-summer heat set in. The daily temperature often reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit, drying up the wells. Many people found themselves on the edge of survival. 

When Pastor Vadym from Chercassy discovered their situation, he and the church ministers organized water delivery to the village of Afanasievka. Three times a week, they make 200-mile trips to ensure those people don't die of thirst. 

At the moment, life in the village is relatively safe militarily, but many daily needs remain. There are hundreds of villages and towns with similar troubles. Thank you for your help that empowers Pastors like Vadym to reach even the most remote settlements.