Hello Friends,

Here’s little background on myself...

I am an Advanced EMT / Medical Instructor that has been volunteering as a logistician and medic since April of 2022. I have been filling the role of 'Director of Operations - Ukraine' for Armada Network's Ministry 'Ten Men Project'

Over the past year, I've been witness to some crazy and incredible events. Ranging from outrageous to miraculous, they all happened, and more of them should have been reported on. So, I've purposed in myself, to do a better job of keeping you, my faithful supporter, informed on what is happening in my personal life and what I stay busy with in the project.

I plan on posting pretty much ALL of my content on this page. So you if you'd like to stay up to date, subscribe to the updates via either the paid or free subscription. *The proceeds from the subscription go towards my cost of living support.

There are a few things that I'm just going to be bold about requesting.

  • Prayers of strength, guidance and protection for myself and the project leadership.
  • Prayers for the Ukrainian church.
  • Pray for more volunteers and workers.
  • Pray for my personal finances / support.

Here are some ways to stay in contact with me.