We continue to serve the needs of Ukraine. This past week we were able to purchase, transport and deliver 2,500 complete IV kits to eastern frontline hospitals. What averages approximately $40 per item in the USA we purchased in Ukraine for less than .90 cents a piece!  For $2,250 we purchased here what would cost one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in the USA!

I think it's safe to say that more than 2,000 injured people will be greatly helped!

I  constantly rejoice how the Lord gives these prices and ability to multiply the impact of everything being done.  Every gift you trust us with empowers us to do more!  I really cannot say thank you enough.  I sometimes feel frustrated because I see the needs firsthand, I sit with pastors and friends as they share stories and experiences that leave us weeping together – and I really don't know how to convey to you what it means that you stand with us!  Thank you!

I want you to know how valuable and precious you are!

On this video digest, I am happy to share with you a very kind "thank you" letter we received from a Doctor at the Lviv Burn Center. It was very nice that he took time out of his busy working schedule to convey his thanks to all of us!

He wrote in regard to four people in critical condition who were moved from the city of Vinnytsia to the Lviv Burn Center. Recently, Russian missiles struck the city – targeting a hospital and educational center – and killing 23 people. Three children were among those killed: four, six and seven years old. 73 wounded remain in the hospital.

Four people in critical condition were moved from Vinnytsia to Lviv in order to receive better critical care. My assistant, Gleb Drach, reached out to be sure the hospital had everything needed, and learned they lacked specific medicines! We quickly provided the hospital with gauze, bandages, various burn ointments and solutions, antiseptics, gloves, painkillers and IV solutions at a total cost of $1,172. There is something wonderful about being in the right place at the right time! Keep them all in prayer.  As of today, they remain in critical condition.

Quite often, friends are sharing that the US media is not covering Ukraine as before. Maybe you didn't hear of the horrible attack on innocent civilians in Vinnytsia. Other hot topics drown it out. We will be sending out "The Flyer" with key news links that will be of interest and keep you informed. Use them in your prayer life!

For starters, Check out this story about little Liza – the tragedy of the recent missile attack on Vinnytsia.  Be sure to subscribe to receive further news, stories and updates in the future.  It would be very helpful if you could share the links with your friends, family, and on your social media.

https://www.nashepravo.org.ua is a website we setup in 2014 for our Ukrainian non-profit Nashe Pravo, which means "Our Rights."  Nashe Pravo is registered as an official newspaper in Ukraine, and has the power to give journalist credentials.

Finally, it's exciting to share that our 5th TenMen team is preparing to depart the first week of August!  More details on that soon, but from what I see on the horizon, this team is critical for events as they unfold in Ukraine.  Do keep them all in prayer, for safety and divine appointments.

Praying for you!

Dale Armstrong