We received this testimony of a healing and miracle. We thought it good to share it with you and glorify the Lord together:

“Joshua Humes was born 19 years ago with Hydrocephalus. Last fall, He was having dizzy spells and said his head was feeling funny. We took him to his Doctor. They said he would need an MRI to see if the fluid on the brain had shifted and was pinching nerves off.

Before he went for his MRI, Pastor Dale was having a healing service in Titusville on Saturday evening. We attended the meeting. About half way through Joshua started complaining it was hot in the room. I was /not/ hot, we were still wearing our jackets. Josh kept saying “it’s hot! Hot! Hot!” and took off his jacket and shirt and was going to take off his tee shirt when I stopped him and asked him what was wrong. He said his whole body felt like it was on fire and hot. I assured him he was not and that he was ok. People had been going up and Pastor Dale had been praying for them. But Josh did not go up. He never left his seat.

We took Joshua for his MRI and then to his doctor appointment. The doctor could not believe his eyes! For 19 years Joshua had MRI’s and always had half of his brain full of water. /Now there was no more water present!!!/ Joshua was healed Saturday night at Church. /When he thought he was on fire, it was the Holy Spirit healing him!!!/ It has been months now and he is fine. No more dizzy spells or anything. He was healed in his seat and he didn’t go up front, he didn’t ask for prayer, but our God knows our needs. What an Awesome God we have!

— Lew and Anita Humes