One of the principles I've learned from the ministry of Jesus is how he did a lot with very little. In fact, the miracles of what we often call prosperity – using the power of God to meet the needs of people – is illustrated in his teaching that a seed can multiply a hundred times for a great harvest, and it is demonstrated by His actually feeding five thousand with only a few fish.

I want to point out here, that a miracle is one thing and the principle is another. Feeding five thousand with a little boy's lunch is a miracle. A seed multiplying one hundred times is not, and yet the principle of the seed is in the miracle.

Lately, I've begun to recognize what amazing and sometimes surprising things are taking place in this ministry through very little – it's the same principle at work.

Let me give you one example. A few days ago, we received a request from one of our dear Pastor friends in Ukraine. Pastor Oleg Bondar told us he would be delivering and distributing new clothes donated by Nike weighing over 1.5 tons along a route that cuts a circumference around the country, a distance of some 2,100 kilometers. The clothes will be delivered for refugees in Kropivnitsky, Kiev, Shostka, Obukhov, Kremenchug, Yellow Waters, Uzhgorod, and other villages.

It's natural for us all to look at the value of the cargo. Thank God for that, and it's greatly appreciated that Nike would donate so much to suffering people. But what was Pastor Bondar's request?

"We ask you to assist in the purchase of 200 liters of diesel."

They had been given the supply but didn't have the fuel to get it there. So for about $300 we were able to assist and get the clothing delivered. That's not much. But I wanted you to see that every seed can multiply one hundred times, and a little boy's lunch is all Jesus needs to feed five thousand.

Remember this when you give. Many have given what some might consider a smaller gift, but every gift counts! Some may even feel insignificant because they want to do more. I think we have all experienced those feelings. But I believe that what we give is multiplied like a seed a hundred times, and sometimes, – I will be bold here and say often! – it's a miracle.

So thank you for every gift given, every seed sown, and thank you for your part in this ministry!