The unsung heroes of this conflict are the Christian pastors of Ukraine. They know what they're doing because they've done it before. In 2014 when Russia first invaded, there was a complete lack of organization and a breakdown of infrastructure. Churches, pastors, and Christian leaders nationwide joined together to develop systems that delivered humanitarian aid, fed the army, and helped evacuate those who were devastated by the horrors and atrocities of war.

Now they're doing it again. Risking their lives in hot zones, pastors pack their minivans full of food, clothing and medical supplies, risking everything to get them delivered to where they're needed most. It's an amazing network of literally hundreds of men and women doing the almost unthinkable. But they are exhausted, running out of supply, and need immediate assistance. They've been giving out of their own pocket, delivering food out of their own gardens.

The missing ingredient of this humanitarian crisis isn't the delivery systems, it's the levels of supply.  It's important that we let people in decision-making positions understand this. Get the supplies to the Romanian or the Polish border and the local Ukrainian pastors can get it to the cities and villages in crisis. There is no time to recreate the wheel. Anyone who can help with the supply of humanitarian aid, please don't hesitate to reach out and we will get you in touch with these brave brave men and women of Ukraine.