Probably the most common question I am asked, both in the United States and in Ukraine (where I am now), is what is going to happen next?  Or, more specifically, how long will this war last and what can we expect after that?

I have known in my heart that this conflict will last at least another 5 to 7 years. It’s a difficult fact, and one that many don’t want to hear. Now we see NATO is creating a 5 year plan for the Russian–Ukrainian war. The reality is setting in.

That’s why I see what we are doing as so very important. God has given us a mandate to empower Ukrainian Pastors. 

First, they are the best way to deliver aid and real help to so many suffering people. Second, and this is what lies ahead:  empowering Ukrainian Pastors is the best way to prepare for the greatest change once this war has found an end. When Pastors are trained and equipped to speak God’s Word into the public square, only then will society, business, and government be changed and transformed. 

You cannot enforce righteousness with laws, no more than you can transform society: there must be a real heart cry in the people for liberty and freedom, and that comes from the Gospel. This transformation of society must come first, as it did for us prior to 1776, through the pulpits thundering the Scriptural principles of God and government.

In the early 1800’s, a young man born after the Revolutionary War wanted to write a history on how the United States came to be. He wrote a personal letter to John Adams, and asked him who the responsible principal leaders were. John Adams wrote the young man in return, and gave a list of names. They were all Pastors!  John Adams said, the people rose up for liberty and freedom because the pulpits thundered!

That is our principle aim, and that’s why I thank you for your prayers, sharing information about what we are doing, and supporting us financially. Can you help share our mission by posting our updates on your social media platforms?

Let’s empower Ukrainian Pastors until the pulpits thunder with God’s Word and a nation will be reborn!