December 3, 2022

I'd like to share with you two videos that will give you a brief update on things happening in Ukraine through the Armada Network.

It is also important to me to counter some false narratives, and ideas, that are being distributed in the US media concerning Russia's role in the war. It's hard for many people to realize just how evil Russia has become, not only in perpetrating this horrific war and genocide; but for many years, they have been making war quietly throughout the world:  political warfare, economic warfare, energy warfare, assassinations, and a host of internet based disinformation and propaganda, even manipulating our election processes – as well as financing divisive movements in the USA in an attempt to destroy us from within. Let me be very clear:  Russia is the enemy here.

In so many ways Ukraine is fighting our war.

The second video you may have already seen.  I wanted to share it with you in this email while adding a personal request of my own. Would you be so kind as to pass it on?  Can you take a few minutes and perhaps post it on your Facebook page? Help us get the Word out!  Help us empower the Ukrainian pastors as they lead their Churches in a time of war.

What a blessing that Pastors George and Terri Pearsons were led by the Lord to invite us onto Flashpoint. The recent interview with Pastor Gene Bailey has opened up a whole new world of friends and partners.