I like reading biography. You can see the fruit of a man's life and you can walk in his shoes. Even more I like a good quote. It's the biography of a man's mind and his thinking. Just two or three sentences, but you have the result of perhaps hours of intense study and thought, or even better, a revelation from the Holy Spirit given as he sought God. It's not a substitute for having our own personal relationship and fellowship with God, but it helps us see where we are going and encourages us to go further still.
When one man says, "I don't LIKE that quote" I know he's the type of man looking for people to agree with him. When another man says, "I don't AGREE with that quote" I've found a man who wants only to agree with the truth, and is diligent to seek it out, to pray, to study, to work until he finds it.
A man who loves the truth isn't afraid to be challenged until he finds the truth. A quote I don't agree with makes me agree with truth as I have found it, or search for it until I do.