I want to share with you some good news! One of the problems Ukraine soldiers face is a scarcity of medical supply; some battalions have little to none. That means when someone is wounded, he may not have any pain medication at all, no anti-biotic that makes a difference in his survival rate, no blood clotting (hemastatic) agents to slow the loss of blood. Getting these medical items into Ukraine has been a high priority for many people to the largest organizations. The hindrances are many, including both price and customs control of prescription drugs.

Two days ago I was impressed to go into a pharmacy and see what was available. Ukraine has very relaxed laws and many drugs that can only be obtained via prescription can be bought across the counter. I was surprised to find they had alot of anti-biotics on hand: azithromycin, amoxicillin, etc., all manufactured in Ukraine!  But the price was the astounding thing!  One box of amoxicillin, 14 tablets, was only $2.30.  I left the pharmacy with three bags of needed medicines for less than $120.

So we setup a meeting with the manager of a large chain of pharmacies in the city, and he is prioritizing specific meds we need for the frontline, and additionally giving us another 15% discount!  I was delighted to learn that he can supply hemastatic agents and pain medication as well!

I need to impress on you the power of this simple visit to the pharmacy. We now have an endless supply of needed drugs at a rate at least 10x less than what many are paying, with no shipping, no delays.

We have found a fast track to deliver what is needed to where it needs to go! If you would like to help purchase these needed medications, we would be so grateful!

Keep praying!